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Asian Students United

We the members of Asian Students United (ASU), aim to build alliances among student organizations and connect Asian students at IUPUI.

By promoting diversity amongst our cultures and proudly embracing Asian Heritage, we believe that we can raise awareness within the community and increase knowledge of self through social networking, cultural programming and providing resources to the Asian community of IUPUI.

Office Location: B02G
Phone#: 274-5469
Black Student Union
The Black Student Union (BSU) welcomes you to IUPUI. BSU is an organization, whose primary concern is to assist students in their educational endeavors.

Realizing that students have needs outside the educational institutions, the BSU attempts to provide supportive services, which may or may not be directly educationally related, yet equally important to the educational experience.

The BSU also attempts to raise the level of consciousness and awareness of the student body as well as the university administrators in the areas of black concern and serve as a liason between the community and the university.

Office Location: B02B
Phone#: 278-8331

Advocates for Sexual Equality

Advocates for Sexual Equality (ASE) at IUPUI represents Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Intersex students at Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis.

The purpose of the organization is to create a community of students interested in LGBTQI issues, open a dialogue and a free exchange of ideas and create an environment on IUPUI's campus that is embracing of a range of relationships and family forms.

Office Location: B02H
Phone#: 278-8336
Latino Student Association
The primary goal of the Latino Student Association (LSA) is to unify the diverse Latino students at IUPUI in the desire to promote academic excellence in our community and the pride that accompanies the knowledge of self.
In this, we embrace all those who are interested in promoting
the diversity in our cultures and languages.

We are founded in the hopes that by the provision of both social and education opportunities for the IUPUI community, we shall foster understanding of Latino Heritage.

Office Location: B02D
Phone#: 278-8334
Native American Student Alliance
The Native American Student Alliance (NASA) welcomes all students as members.

Our mission is to identify IUPUI students with an interest in Native American Studies/Culture and offer a Native American community and service base on campus.

Office Location: B02F
Phone#: 278-8335

The object of the Affinity Student Council (ASC) is to be the representative structure for the underrepresented student community and subsequent organizations. Through his council, multiculturally engaged perspectives will be heard in the form of Diversity Consultation for the individual schools, working in partnership with administrators, faculty and staff for the benefit of the institution and it's students. The Affinity Student Council will advocate students' ideas, interests and concerns with faculty councils and the school administration and fight for change through the senate. The primary concerns of the ASC will be community projects, issues of social justice and university reform.

ASC is comprised from the leadership of Black Student Union, Latino Student Association, Native American Student Alliance, Advocates for Sexual Equality, Asian American Pacific Islander Student Organization, the National Organization for Women @ IUPUI and representative students for those who utilize Adaptive Educational Services. Any student who wishes to be represented by the ASC need only attend a meeting.


The members of the Underrepresented Professional and Graduate Student Organization (UPnGO) at IUPUI, in order to promote diversity, give voice to graduate and professional students of color, and all graduate and professional students who feel underrepresented, and/or otherwise unsupported academically and socially in their respective departments in matters pertaining to the affairs of the University, provide opportunities for professional and academic support and networking, improve the quality of student life for underrepresented professional and graduate students, build collaboration amongst graduate departments and between graduate departments and the university, facilitate the transition from undergraduate to graduate school, and recruit and provide opportunities for fellowships, service, and activism, do establish this Constitution for the Underrepresented Professional and Graduate Student Organization (UPnGO).
Inclusive Excellence in Action The IUPUI Multicultural Success Center seeks to engage students and the IUPUI community in proactive dialogue around issues of diversity and multiculturalism, including the community voice through service and outreach, articulate and address the needs of students, faculty and staff across lines of color, gender, ethnicity, ability and orientation. Give Now Button
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